Ginger's Etiquette Guide

For all engagements, I ask that you leave the entire fee on the table, desk or nightstand prior to or upon my arrival. It should be in plain view along with your driver's license, as I will need to verify your identity. I require this strictly for safety reasons.

The more comfortable I feel, the better our experience will be. You may, at your discretion, cover your address if it makes you more comfortable. If I have any doubts about your identity, or I find you have misrepresented yourself, our appointment will end immediately. Likewise, if you are anything less than a gentleman or if I feel uncomfortable or in danger, I will terminate our engagement. I will never discuss business in person. This includes discussions about my fees or my services. I think it detracts from our time together. If you choose to do so, it will result in my terminating our date immediately.

After you view the content on my web site, you will find all the information you need is right here. Other questions you may have can be addressed during our initial e-mail contact.

Do's And Don'ts


  • Leave your money in plain view, along with your ID .
  • Make sure you are well-groomed, clean and polite. After all, being sweet and smelling sweet gives me a great reason to be close to you.
  • Have fun, relax and enjoy the company of a beautiful, sensual woman.


  • Talk about sex or use any slang regarding sex.
  • Talk about specific sexual acts either directly or implied. Talking about sex when money is involved could be construed as a solicitation for prostitution which, of course, is illegal.
  • Talk about fees. All my rates are clearly stated before hand and are NOT negotiable.
  • Count out the fee or hand the money directly to me. Simply leaving it in plain view is customary and most appropriate.