Do you see couples?
Yes, under the right circumstances I love to entertain couples. Usually the process takes a little longer as I need to communicate with both partners to establish comfort level and expectations

Can we meet for drinks/lunch/dinner beforehand to get acquainted?
Absolutely. Please keep in mind that since I'm a paid companion, I am compensated for my time. That is, the total amount of time we spend together. How you choose to occupy that time is completely up to you. I have special packages for dinner dates which can be found on my rates page.

I would like to be "more than a client" could we meet for a non-professional date?
I am unbelievably happy being single & free spirited. While I'm flattered, I prefer to keep our meetings on a professional level. I don't meet "off the clock" and am not looking for a relationship or someone to just hang out with. We can certainly schedule a few hours for an evening out or a getaway trip together, but please keep in mind a donation will be expected in exchange for my companionship & time

I'm having a hard time contacting you. Am I doing something wrong? What is the best way to get a hold of you?
At times, it can be very frustrating to reach me. I receive many emails on a daily basis and more often than not, things can easily get lost in the shuffle. New clients: please make sure you are using my online booking form to request a date and are filling it out completely (your full real name- no message board handles or screen names- and an email address are absolute essentials). If you're not willing to provide the basic information I request, I am not willing to take the risk. One-line emails, disrespectful, rude or demanding emails, and any requests for discounts, freebies or "specials" are all deleted immediately.

Yes, I am very selective. I don't see, or respond to, everyone who contacts me.

The easier you make it on me, the better your chances. I simply don't have time to chase down information or try to decipher cryptic messages. If you are doing everything right, don't give up... chances are it's just a matter of timing. Feel free to send a follow-up or "reminder" email.

Do you have age limitations?
It's not possible to be too old to see me. It is possible, however, to be too young. As a general rule, I don't see anyone younger than 30 and prefer gentlemen over 35. The experience I offer is best enjoyed by someone I can connect with, on many different levels.

I am a photographer/web designer/artist/ etc. Would you consider an exchange of professional services?
Sorry but I do not participate in bartering.