A rendezvous is an intimate and highly individualized experience and with the right chemistry, most surely a memorable occasion. While gifts & gratuities are never expected, many times I'm asked if there's something that would make our time together memorable, relaxing, or enjoyable.

Therefore, I've compiled a wishlist of things I especially enjoy and take delight in. Whether it's something for both of us to enjoy during our time together (a bottle of wine, a favorite music CD), an outfit you'd like to see me in, a fragrance that absolutely drives you wild, or something special for me to remember you by, it will always be genuinely appreciated. This list is not intended to make you feel obligated, but is only here to serve as a source of ideas and inspiration; open to as much or as little interpretation as you like.

For oral pleasures:

  • Wine
    I love red wine and am partial to anything with soft tannins and a silky finish
  • Fresh Berries
    strawberries and raspberries are among my favorites
  • Creme Brulee

For touching:

  • Cashmere

For scent stimulation:

  • Tom Ford Private Blend "Tobacco Vanille" (my current favorite)
  • Fragranced Candles (vanilla)
  • Flowers (roses)

For visual enticement:

  • Lingerie: Bra size: 34H (no, that's not a typo...)
  • Panties: medium
  • Shoes: size: 7
    What woman doesn't melt over shoes? I love anything sexy, with a heel (a platform heel is even better), especially from designer Christian Louboutin
  • Jewelry: platinum, white gold, yellow gold


  • Gift Cards:
    My favorites include Sephora, Nordstrom, (to satisfy my veritable nerdy side), iTunes, and Southwest Airlines