I come to you. You provide the venue for our engagement. Upscale accommodations are yours to choose and secure.

You come to me. I host the rendezvous and provide the venue for our engagement. Generally only available when I'm traveling/touring other cities.

Base Rates

1 Hour 350
2 Hours 600
3 Hours 900

The above rates are for outcall to the metro Grand Rapids area as well as incall when I'm on tour in most cities. Please refer to my touring info page for city-specific exceptions and additional info.

Special Packages

3 hour dinner date (dinner + 1 hr private time) 700
4 hour dinner & dessert (dinner + 2 hours playtime) 900
Overnight Escape (10 hrs *) 3000
Travel Companion (per day) 3500
Weekend Getaway (Friday night thru Sunday) 4500

* Please note that on overnight engagements, I require at least 7 hours sleep

Elite Travel Packages

Want me to come to you? I am available to travel exclusively to you with the following packages:


  • Cities within 150 miles of Grand Rapids MI
  • Hourly rate plus $400 travel fee
  • Minimum 2-hour engagement
  • Deposit required


  • Cities within 250 miles of Grand Rapids MI
  • Hourly rate plus $600 travel fee
  • Minimum 3-hour engagement
  • Deposit required


  • Fly me to your city for a private visit (continental U.S. only)
  • 4-hour rendezvous
  • all-inclusive package- I cover my airfare and travel expenses
  • $3000
  • Deposit required


  • Fly me anywhere in the U.S.
  • $3500 (24 hours) plus the cost of airfare, hotel, and travel expenses
  • Need more time? Add 2000 for each additional day desired
  • Deposit required

I am also available as a vacation companion/partner... rates & details available upon request.

Donation Protocols:

  • Please discreetly place your donation in plain view (or, if you're more comfortable, in an unsealed envelope) upon your arrival
  • If I am coming to see you on an outcall basis, please have your donation by the bathroom sink in plain view prior to my arrival
  • If we are meeting in a public place first, I find that the best way is tucked into a greeting card or birthday card
  • I do not accept checks or credit cards
  • My donations reflect the quality of companionship I provide and the demand for my time. I don't make myself available to many & have a very select and exclusive clientele.
  • My rates are never, nor will ever be, open to negotiation. Doing so will only serve to insult and annoy me. There are no second chances on this- one strike and you're out.
  • Additionally, I DO NOT barter/trade services.
  • I'm a "no strings attached" kinda girl and that's the way I like it


My rates are all inclusive. Tipping is neither required nor expected, though if you wish to do so, I would graciously accept your kindness.


Money exchanged is for my time and companionship only. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age and is NOT contracted for nor requested to be contracted for nor compensated for in any manner. This is NOT an offer for prostitution.