Return Clients

You are my VIP's and always get top priority. If we have met before there is no need to go through my screening process again (although you may want to include something to jog my memory if it has been a while since we met). Email and text are the easiest (and preferred) methods of contacting me.

By Email:

Please be sure to include your name & phone number, along with your requested date/time and location in your email. You can email me at

By Text:

If you prefer to text (which is often the quickest way to get a hold of me), please feel free to do so. If we have met previously, you should have my number already. It is very important to include your full name (or some way of identifying yourself), in your text. For privacy reasons, I do not store many numbers in my phone and will not know who the text is from unless you tell me.

You may find it easier to use my booking form to request a rendezvous. This will assure I have all the necessary information I need to proceed.

A note about phone calls:

I'm always on the go and am rarely in a place where I have complete privacy to talk freely on the phone. I don't feel comfortable with anyone within earshot listening to my phone conversations and am hesitant to initiate or return calls for many of the same reasons. Therefore, I usually reserve the phone for quick calls to finalize last-minute rendezvous details